Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Add Yoga to Your Day: Breath

Yoga breath is a tool we can use not just in our practice but in our everyday lives. In Your Yoga Practice you breathe in and out of poses- letting your breath tell you if you've pushed too far or if you're right at your edge. By listening/ being aware of the breath- you then back off or go deeper into the pose depending on the quality of your breath.

In Your Yoga Practice- the idea is to maintain that smooth even breath throughout your practice. Finding your smooth/ even breath takes practice as well as maintaining it through each practice.

In daily life- listen/ become aware of your breath at points throughout your day. Notice how in certain situations your breath will again let you know if you've pushed too far or if you're right at your edge! Notice it- make no judgment (as in your yoga practice) begin to smooth and even out the breath- creating a breath cycle (length of each inhale and exhale) that you can maintain throughout Your Moment.

This is not an asana practice but it is a great way to add Yoga to your daily life. Focusing on your breathing, simply slowing, even-ing and smoothing out your breath is Yoga. This is breath work (pranayama).  Try and maintain that focus on just your breath for a time- that's meditation.

Even if you are bed-ridden ill- you can do yoga! Meditation and the yoga breath we use in our practices serve as irreplaceable tools that go with you where ever you are, how ever you are. It's available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The breath alone is a great companion when you aren't feeling well.

My favorite bit- no bill will follow... 

Breathe on.